NYC reserves $4.6M for building seven additional mental health centers for pre-K kids


The New York City is planning to spend $4.6 million for mental health services for the children and their families. In early October, Early Childhood Mental Health Network will start seven new clinics across all the five boroughs.

How the project will help the children

A lot of services will be offered at the clinics. There will be short-term counseling and onsite mental health consultations. This network is part of the TriveNYC project and is aimed towards improving the mental health across the city. There will be hardships in life. But by acting early to help the young people and understand their emotions, it is possible to reduce the severity of mental health. It is easier to solve such problem with the child is still a kid. Once they grow up, it becomes difficult to handle.


Plans for the project to work well

This program will provide training to about 400 pre-kindergarten and day care sites. They will be supplied with classroom materials of these kids as well. If needed, the staffs at the pre-kindergarten and day care sites will be able to refer a child to one of the new Mental Health Network clinics that will soon be constructed. Initially, 3,000 kids and their families will participate in the project. Later, the city’s 100,000 people will be involved in this project.

There will be two clinics in the Bronx and two in Brooklyn. The rest will be in three other boroughs. Once the teachers and other staffs of pre-kindergarten and day care centers become better equipped, they will be able to help students to have a strong foundation. This will lead them to success in life.