Donald Trump had no idea about education on during his last visit to Bronx school


Recently, the crowd at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was impressed by Donald Trump’s views on poor children and their education. But his speech was contradictory to what he had given 19 years back when he visited a low-income school in the Bronx. He was given the opportunity to become ‘Principal for a Day’ and his speech indicated that he had no knowledge about education. The audiences were disappointed as Trump didn’t show any empathy towards the poor children, which he did in his last week’s speech in Cleveland.

Trump’s visit to P.S. 70

19 years ago Donal Trump was ‘Principal for a Day’ at P.S. 70 and was greeted by the 5th graders. A lottery was held to pick 300 students for a trip in the auditorium to the Nike store. Most people thought he was just doing easy publicity by buying some pairs of sneakers for these kids. One of the boys asked him why he didn’t give college scholarships instead of giving away 300 pairs of Nike shoes.

During Trump’s visit to the school, a former Assistant Principal of the school saw Trump slipping a tissue under his hand so that he could avoid touching the school’s stair railings. Everyone present there noticed this incident, but no one said anything. Trump had breakfast at The Plaza with Lisa Belzberg, who runs PENCIL, the organization that arranged Trump’s visit to the school. During the breakfast all Trump did was boast about himself; he was continuously telling how great he was.


Trump’s speech at P.S. 70 that shocked the crowd

The school Trump visited was for financially needy students. But by listening to his speech, it seemed that he was oblivious to the condition of the students. He said that the even though the students lived well and in a good environment, they should put themselves in other less privileged people’s position. The principal of the school and the rest of the crowd were shocked by his remark.
Hopefully, now Trump has learned something about education. His last week’s speech at least indicates something positive.