Construction of Bronx playground


The people of Bronx are all excited about the construction of a new playground in the locality. Nonprofit organizations KaBOOM! And DreamYard has built the playground in a day with the help of volunteers from Delta Air Lines.

Facilities available

These NGOs organized a design day for the kids a few months ago. Hundreds of kids from the Bronx participated in the event and drew their dream playground. They had slides, swings, pools, roller coasters and other playground facilities in their pictures.The organizers used these drawings to build the playground. They used common elements for construction. They placed each item carefully. They had a spiral slide next to the swings, and colorful bricks were lining the ground.


How it has impacted the life of kids in Bronx

It was incredible how creative kids could be. Their designs were just wonderful, and the playground turned out to be fantastic. Many parents and kids dreamt of a playground like this in their neighborhood where the kids could play and have fun. The playground has now become a meeting place for the parents and the children as well. They are making new friends and getting a good physical exercise instead of playing with their digital gadgets.

The NGOs which worked on this project took this attempt to provide a healthy life for the children of this community. They are planning to build more playgrounds of this kind in future. The fact that they had involved the kids in the design of the playground was appreciated by all in the community. By using simple materials and taking the help of volunteers, they have shown us how easy it is to implement an idea. They hope that other organizations will come forward and invest in such project in future to make this community better for children.