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End of the Line: How Has Dyre Avenue Changed During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

End of the Line: How Has Dyre Avenue Changed During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

It was just 10 weeks ago I paid a visit to the Dyre Avenue Business District in the northeast part of the Bronx. It’s the last stop in the borough for the 5 train, which brings residents to and from the neighborhood, located just steps from the Westchester County line. Just as the world has changed since that visit, so has Dyre Avenue.

Freckle’s Juice Bar is one of the businesses that was able to remain open during the outbreak in one of the city’s hardest hit zip codes. Owner Felicia Forbes says they cut back hours, but using safety protocols, they have been able to hang on and stay in business, unlike some of her neighbors.

“It’s really sad to see the businesses shut down for so long,” says Forbes, who also owns another shop in White Plains that had to close because it’s located in a mall. 

“I am very concerned about how my neighbors are providing for their families, you know?” she added.

Forbes says she had to raise prices on certain drinks because immune boosting ingredients like turmeric are harder to come by these days.

She says she hasn’t had to let any of her workers go, a relief to dedicated employees like Ava-Loi Anderson.

“My mother was actually pretty scared for me to leave the house and didn’t want me to leave and come back,” says Anderson. “My mom wanted me to stay, but I said, ‘I have to work.'”

One of the longtime Dyre Avenue businesses that decided to shut down because of the coronavirus outbreak was Mario’s Pizza. They have been here since the early 1970s, and were able to reopen after being shuttered for nearly two months.

Mario Reda says the business his grandfather started closed for the safety of his 70-year-old dad Mario Sr, his brother-in-law Sal and other workers.

“Everybody is happy that we are open. Hopefully everything goes well,” says Reda.

The store has been revamped with fiberglass barriers at the counter and marked floors for social distancing. Reda says for the time being, his Dad will stay home, or at least come in during times when there are no customers here.

“He misses the talking with the people, you know. He’s a people person,” says Reda about his dad, who was the second generation to run the pizzeria. 

Other businesses like the Dyre Avenue Diner down the block were able to stay open through all of this, but for delivery and takeout only.

Taxi driver Shabba Johnson says he changed the way he does business, too.

“When passengers get in, I say,’Put on your mask.’ When they get out, I clean my car”, says Johnson.

He added that he is not scared of getting sick, but he protects himself.

All in a neighborhood that’s just starting to get back to where it was before coronavirus arrived.

Published at Tue, 26 May 2020 06:07:00 +0000

VIDEO: Woman snatches $20 bill out of elderly woman's hand in Bronx deli

VIDEO: Woman snatches $20 bill out of elderly woman's hand in Bronx deli

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Woman, infant survive being run over by Bronx subway train

Woman, infant survive being run over by Bronx subway train

A 30-year-old woman and a 2-month-old boy survived after falling onto the subway tracks in the Bronx Wednesday and being run over by a train.

The woman reportedly claimed she tripped, but authorities say the motorman on the train and several witnesses told police she deliberately jumped while holding the boy.

The incident happened at the 149th Street-Grand Concourse station in the Melrose section just after 9:30 a.m.

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Hi! We’re abc7NY, also known as Channel 7 on TV, home to Eyewitness News, New York’s Number 1 news. We hope you love us on YouTube as much as you do on television!


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Single Bronx Mother of Three Feeds Kids with Meal Services During Pandemic

Single Bronx Mother of Three Feeds Kids with Meal Services During Pandemic

BRONX, N.Y. – Once a day, Grisel Cardona walks from her apartment to PS 294 around the corner, a Department of Education meal pickup site. She says the food she receives has been a lifesaver.

“My kids do eat the bread throughout the day for sandwiches throughout the day,” said Cardona. “The cereal we keep it just to have. So I do come almost every day to get food this helps me kind of like not be too much in the kitchen because I’m tired.”

Obtaining enough food for herself and her three children is always a worry for Cardona, a single mom, but it has become even more so during the pandemic. She says food prices are up, and with schools closed, the free breakfasts and lunches two of her children ate there daily are no longer available.

But food is hardly Cardona’s only challenge. 

Both her sons, aged two and 10, have autism; her 9-year-old daughter requires special help as well. Homeschooling them is difficult, and for a time she was terribly sick with coronavirus.

“I feel like you know with an episode of The Walking Dead when you having to walk outside just to get food and just search for it,” she said. “That’s the difficult part. Sometimes some pantries don’t even have food to give.” 

Cardona, who is 30, left her job in the Men’s Department at Macy’s before the pandemic, to focus on her children. Each month she receives $700 in Social Security for her sons’ disabilities, and about $250 in SNAP benefits, the program once known as Food Stamps.

She says it is not enough. So in addition to visiting PS 294 daily she waits on line for hours at food pantries several times a week, and enrolled for free meals from the city’s food delivery service every three days.

Cardona says part of the challenge of finding food in the pandemic is finding food for a child with sensory issues that make him an especially picky eater.

“My son has specific needs…the textures of food. So he doesn’t like chicken so for him I have to like purée it and stuff like that,” she explained. 

She recently joined a parent support group for struggling moms like herself, and is hoping to receive about $50 more in SNAP benefits under an emergency pandemic appropriation.

The money, she says, will help to ease her anxiety about where the family’s next meals are coming from. 

Published at Wed, 20 May 2020 09:11:00 +0000

Tzatziki Dip tradizionale greco

Tzatziki Dip tradizionale greco

Circa 400g

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1 spicchio d’aglio, tritato o grattugiato
1 cucchiaio fogliette di menta fresca tritate
1 cucchiaio aneto fresco tritato
Scorza finemente grattugiata di 1 limone
2 cucchiai di succo di limone fresco
½ cucchiaino sale marino fine
Pepe nero a piacere

Per servire:
Spicchi di pane pita

1. Rimuovere i semi del cetriolo con un cucchiaino e grattugiare il cetriolo sui fori grandi di una grattugia.
2. In una ciotola media mescolare bene cetriolo grattugiato, FAGE Total, aglio, menta, aneto, scorza e succo di limone, sale e pepe.
3. Per servire: Servire lo tzatziki con pane pita. Se avanza, conservare in frigorifero in un contenitore a chiusura ermetica per un massimo di 3 giorni.