We have a huge number of subscribers, and the number is increasing every day. We have more than a million readers logged in every Sunday. Every month we have more than 10 million unique visitors. We have a mobile app also to help you look at the news even on the go. Our newspaper is the best source of what’s happening in the Bronx. Thousands of small and local businesses use our platform for advertising.

You can place an ad on your specified classification. If your product is a sports item, then you should include it in the sports section. We continuously update our website and provide feature material to online users throughout the Bronx and around the world as well. We offer broad ad packages which include the following.

Banner ads


The ad can appear in any number of pages. The size of the ad varies. You can choose the placing of your ad and decide on the frequency at which it will appear throughout the week or month. You can choose from 728 X 90 leaderboards or 300X250 rectangles.

Title sponsorship


You can sponsor the title of a section in the newspaper. Your site’s link will be placed here so that the audiences are directed to your website.

Video ads


Your video ads will appear before our news video clips. Yo can also have your video clips on our live news stream.

For more information on advertisements contact our advertising team today. You will also get a free quote from us.