Day: November 20, 2019

The Bronx in The 1980's PART 1

The Bronx in The 1980's PART 1

This video is meant for those who find the locations familiar. In case you’re wondering what The Bronx looks like today, click/tap the links below and subscribe for future videos. Or just visit the Bronxshots channel:


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All clips are copyrighted by their respective owners. NO INFRINGMENT INTENDED. Clips were from:

Beat street (1984)
Wild Style (1983)
Beat This (1984)
1990: Bronx Warriors (1984)
Fort Apache: The Bronx (1981)
Wolfen (1981)
style wars (1983)
HOT 97 aircheck (198x)


kurtis blow – if i ruled the world
Wuf Ticket – The Key