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Win VIP Tickets to The Bronx Food & Wine Festival’s Hip Hop for Hunger

Win VIP Tickets to The Bronx Food & Wine Festival’s Hip Hop for Hunger

On Saturday September 16th, join Eat NYC and Windows of Hip Hop for The Bronx Food & Wine Festival’s Hip Hop for Hunger event at the Andrew Freedman Home. Guests will enjoy an evening of food, cocktails, music, fashion, and more. The event is to bring awareness to the number of food insecure homes in our borough- and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Food Bank of New York City. We’re also excited to team up with the event to giveaway 5 pairs of VIP tickets! For full description of the event and how to enter, see below:

About Eat nYc The Bronx Food And Wine Festival – Hip Hop For Hunger

The Bronx is home to Hip Hop, Fashion, Food, and culture but it is also home to the largest number of “Food Insecure Homes” than any other borough in our city. So This year Eat nYc will UNITE all of those facets of our borough to take a stand against hunger here in our commUNITY! This is our hometown and HUNGER is not welcomed!

We welcome you to join us as we team up with Windows of Hip Hop, September 16th, 2017, take a stand against hunger right here in our own hometown.

– Event: Eat nYc The Bronx Food And Wine Festival – Hip Hop For Hunger

– Date: September 16, 2017

– Time Check – in time 4:30 pm – 8:30pm

– Location: The Andrew Freedman Mansion aka Hip Hop Mansion

HOSTS – Hip hop legends Melle Mel, Hip Hop Legend Grand Master Caz, The Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx Baron Ambrosia

Live Performances, Fashion show, Live Auction and more…

Event indoor /outdoor – Guest will be Greeted on The Lawn with Cocktails, Fashion show, live performances, Live Auction by Hunt Auctioneers. Onsite Cooking Demos outdoors on the massive sprawling lawn of The Andrew Freedman Mansion and inside the mansions Grand Ballrooms will feature samples of Food /beverages/ and promotional products from the local restaurants, wineries, distilleries breweries, bakeries and local businesses

Every $1 Donated to Food Bank For New York creates 5 meals to be given to those in need – we need your help!

No One Should Go Hungry!

Contact Eat nYc The Bronx Food And Wine Festival at or call us at 347 621 4365

Enter to Win

For your chance to win one of 5 pairs of tickets to this awesome event, use the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t see the widget? Enter here.

Contest open to US residents only. Tickets will be emailed to winners after the 12th of September.

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Raw: Man wanted for shooting in Bronx

Raw: Man wanted for shooting in Bronx

Police are looking for a man wanted for a non-fatal shooting in the Bronx.

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A Week of Adventure in the Mazda CX-9

A Week of Adventure in the Mazda CX-9

If you remember, last fall we had the chance to check out the 2017 Mazda CX-9. And if you know me personally, I’ve raved about it ever since. It was just one of those vehicles that sparks conversation with strangers, and impress passengers. This mid-size, three-row crossover SUV is a great family friendly vehicle with the looks and performance to please everyone.

With three rows, families with the CX-9 can easily fit extended family members or just have more room for their own. In fact, I was pretty amused when our five year old Gia claimed the third row to herself. It was nice not listening to her and her ten year old sister Briana fight over the arm rest or other sibling drama.

We kicked off our week by spending a rainy summer day at Rockin Jump Trampoline Park in Ridge Hill. An hour to let the kids bounce out their energy, and then a light lunch at Yard House.

Even on a rainy day, you can feel safe in the Mazda CX-9. With six airbags to protect occupants in all three rows, you can feel better knowing the entire family is safe.

We then headed to the Bronx Zoo for a bit. Since we’re members, a rainy day is perfect to stop in and enjoy some of the indoor exhibits, the 4D movie, carousel, and other fun. There are no crowds and it’s fun to throw on a poncho and see different animals in the rain. On the way home, we enjoyed some tunes we could all sing along to thanks to the Mazda Connect infotainment system. If you’ve followed us for a while, then you know how much I love the middle console dial- making it comfortable to be the resident passenger DJ no matter how far back reclined you are.

The next day we drove with the sunroof open and headed to Orchard Beach for a fun evening of roller skating! The girls had never roller skated before, so we couldn’t turn down this free event with free skate rentals where they tried their hand at what their mama used to do every weekend as a pre-teen in Virginia.

Speaking of the beach- if you do have quite a bit of beach gear, you’ll most likely need to utilize the full cargo space and lose the third row seating. While this SUV is great for the occasional extra passengers, it often comes down to cargo space verses extra seating.

The light leather seats in this CX-9 are perfect for beach days- easy to clean off the sand and the light color doesn’t attract as much heat as black leather would.

The next day we headed over the bridge to New Jersey for a fun day at Wild West City. This adorable family owned theme park is the perfect place to let little one’s imaginations run wild and get a fun glimpse into the past. Around an hour and 30 minutes from the Bronx, the Mazda Radar Cruise Control made the ride a comfortable one for everyone in the car. Not to mention with ten cupholders placed throughout the vehicle, you won’t have to hear ‘ma, hold this!’ ever again.

After an afternoon in the wild west, we headed south to Burlington New Jersey to hang out with family where we headed to Blue Claw Crab Eatery where locals indulge in soft shell crabs and other yummy seafood. This simple eatery is also BYOB- making it fun to bring your own mixed drinks or vino.

The next morning, after stopping at a local diner for breakfast- we packed up the CX-9 and headed 2 hours to the Poconos. We checked into Pocono Manor and went straight for the pool. We ate dinner, enjoyed time by the fire, and swung the night away on colorful hammocks near the pool.

We spent the next day exploring local waterfalls on the property as well as at Bushkill Falls. With second row passenger seats that recline, Briana was able to nap comfortably all the way back to the Bronx. One feature we definitely didn’t need in the middle of July were the heated rear seats- but such a nice feature to share with passengers come winter.

On our last day with the Mazda CX-9, we headed out to Long Island to Splish Splash, a fun waterpark for the whole family. After a full day of splishing and splashing, it was nice to have the three-zone automatic climate-control system so that everyone could ride home in their ideal temperature setting.

As the sun set on our last drive that night in the CX-9, we reflected on a fun week of summer adventures. Thanks to this comfortable third row SUV, we were able to make memories with friends and family. For more information about the Mazda CX-9, visit

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Hike-toberfest 2017 Brings Hiking, Food, and Beer Together in Van Cortlandt Park

Hike-toberfest 2017 Brings Hiking, Food, and Beer Together in Van Cortlandt Park

Looking for the perfect fest’ to head out to in October? We’re super excited to share this fun event coming up in Van Cortlandt Park. As part of a fundraiser for the hiking trails located inside the park, ticket holders will participate in one of two hikes, then make their way down to the Van Cortlandt House Museum lawn where they will receive a souvenir mug, eat German food, enjoy local beer, and play yard games. More information is below:


Hike, Eat, Drink & Celebrate with Friends during our new fun fundraiser for the hiking trails of Van Cortlandt Park. Come see why VCP is Where NYC Hikes.

Hikes start at 2pm: Hikers will have the option to go on a 4-5 mile hike throughout the park OR a 2 mile leisurely nature or history hikes. All hikes will be led by guides and take about 2 hours. All registered participants will receive a “VCP Where NYC Hikes” giveaway.

Oktoberfest is from 4-7pm: Attendees will receive a Hike-toberfest Souvenir Mug, eat German Food by Loreley Resturant & Biergarten and enjoy local beers served by the Bronx Beer Hall. Special thank you to all the breweries for donating! Yard games will be setup to challenge your friends as you hang out on the Van Cortlandt House Museum Lawn.

Hike-toberfest: Hike & Oktoberfest Ticke($75) : Ticket includes a guided hike in VCP, a “VCP Where NYC Hikes” Giveaway & Souvenir Mug and admission to our Oktoberfest which includes German Food and Local Craft Beer ($85 at the door but giveaway and mug cannot be guaranteed)

Oktoberfest Only Ticke($60): Admission to our Oktoberfest which includes A Souvenir Mug, German Food and Local Craft Beer ($70 at the door)

Hike Only Ticket ($25): Ticket includes a guided hike in Van Cortlandt Park, a “VCP Where NYC Hikes” Giveaway ($25 at the door but giveaway cannot be guaranteed)

To purchase your tickets, head over to

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Vice’s Charlottesville Episode Cuts Through the Fog of the Never-Ending News Feed

Vice’s Charlottesville Episode Cuts Through the Fog of the Never-Ending News Feed

If you watch one episode of television this week, make it Vice News Tonight’s “Charlottesville: Race and Terror,” twenty-two minutes of bracing footage from the calamitous events in Virginia last weekend. The episode — which is available on YouTube, where it racked up nearly 5 million views by Thursday afternoon — adheres to the old “show don’t tell” adage, and in this case, that’s particularly important. Because whatever you’ve read or retweeted, whatever Facebook arguments you’ve waded into or mealtime exorcisms you’ve attempted with your racist uncle, there is no explaining away what the cameras captured in Charlottesville.

“Charlottesville: Race and Terror” makes that frighteningly, viscerally clear. Vice’s unflappable Elle Reeve follows a group of white supremacists and neo-Nazis, including Christopher Cantwell, a leading figure in the “alt-right.” (Not to be confused with Christopher Cantwell, co-creator of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, who recently added a clarification to his Twitter bio: “Not the shitty racist awful Christopher Cantwell.”) Cantwell tells Reeve that he started getting involved in “the racial stuff” after the stories of slain unarmed black kids like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice began generating widespread outrage. According to Cantwell, these weren’t examples of police brutality but of “some little black asshole behaving like a savage.”

Reeve admirably walks the tightrope of interviewing people with repugnant views: She keeps her cool when, for instance, Cantwell describes his ideal leader as “somebody like Donald Trump who does not give his daughter to a Jew,” or when Robert “Azzmador” Ray, a writer for the Daily Stormer, tells her, “This city is run by Jewish communists and criminal niggers.”

While some might feel understandably queasy hearing those words — a group of UVA students and activists who had counterprotested the events released an open letter declaring that Vice simply gave white supremacists and neo-Nazis a platform for their hateful views — it should be clear by now that these people are not going to go away if we ignore them. The truth is, the president has already given these groups a far bigger platform than Vice ever could. We can’t confront this problem without first looking it square in the face.

This episode has gone viral for a reason. It’s not only that Reeve is embedded with the white supremacists, who are positively giddy at all the excitement they’re causing; it’s that the cameras are right in the middle of the action, not filming from a distance or on a shaky cell phone but holding steady among a sea of white men (and the occasional woman) yelling, “Jews will not replace us.” (Props to directors of photography Zach Caldwell and Orlando de Guzman.) The result is so much blunter and, frankly, scarier than any of the newspaper reports make it out to be; many of those articles still can’t quite resist framing the events of the weekend as a kind of “he said/she said” conflict, where two parties came together and clashed.

We see rival protesters chanting, “We’re here, we’re gay, we fought the KKK,” and, on the other side, “Fuck you, faggots.” Former KKK imperial wizard David Duke pops in to decry the “ethnic cleansing of America.” After James Alex Fields Jr.’s car plows through a crowd of counterprotesters, killing one individual — who would later be identified as 32-year-old Heather Heyer — a distraught Black Lives Matter protester and Charlottesville local tells the camera, “We told city council we did not want them here. They let them come. We told the police we did not want them here. They let them come.”

In one brief, bone-chilling scene after the attack, a black woman bends forward, hands on her knees, and screams. A bit later, we hear an excerpt of Trump’s Saturday speech, blaming “many sides” for the violence and chaos. At another point, we see Jason Kessler, the “Unite the Right” rally’s organizer, attempting to give a press conference on Sunday amid boos and cries of “Shame!” before he’s chased out of town.

If you’ve been following the news over the past week, you’ve probably heard about most of this stuff already; you’ve probably seen the tweets and the video clips, heard the “many sides” speech, scoffed at the pictures of white dudes in khakis marching with dime-store tiki torches. That’s how most of us get our news these days — scrolling through a never-ending stream of bad news in a stupor of disbelief. It’s a chaotic form of news consumption that befits a chaotic moment in American history, but it’s often a confusing, disorienting way to digest the events of the day. “Charlottesville: Race and Terror” cuts through the haze with this candid and clear-eyed piece of reportage, which puts the words and actions of the so-called alt-right front and center.

The episode ends with Reeve visiting Cantwell in a hotel room in North Carolina on Sunday night. He shows off his large cache of weapons, denies that his movement bears responsibility for Heather Heyer’s death (“None of our people killed anybody unjustly”), and says it’s “points for us” that no one “on our side died.” Maybe it’s a fantasy to imagine that those who choose to filter reality through Fox News will watch this report and confront the truth about those “very fine people” the president has defended. But, in light of his appalling press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower on Tuesday afternoon, it’s also difficult to imagine how anyone who claims to repudiate Trump’s “alt-right” base could continue to support him after watching this. Here’s hoping.


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The Outrage Over Tina Fey’s “Sheetcaking” Bit Is a Waste of Collective Energy

The Outrage Over Tina Fey’s “Sheetcaking” Bit Is a Waste of Collective Energy

The internet is aflame over a Weekend Update bit in which Tina Fey condemns the neo-Nazi and white supremacist rally that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend and recommends a novel self-care technique: “sheetcaking.”

“I know a lot of us are feeling anxious and we’re asking ourselves, ‘What can I do?’ ” Fey says in a six-minute segment from last night’s episode of the show, a summertime spin-off of SNL hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost. Instead of “participating in the screaming matches,” Fey recommends people go out and find a local Jewish- or African American–run bakery, order a sheet cake emblazoned with the American flag, “and just eat it, Colin.”

“I’m sorry, how is that supposed to help?” Jost replies as Fey shovels cake into her mouth.

“Love is love, Colin.”

On Twitter, alongside the inevitable packaging of the clip into quick-hit posts for news and entertainment sites, many have responded to the bit with scorn and disgust. Some characterized it as Fey (whose alma mater, the University of Virginia, was the site of the Friday-night rally) urging the American people to ignore what’s going on in their country and stress-eat the pain away. Others pointed out, not without merit, that her parting shot — the suggestion that we “let these morons scream into the empty air” rather than organize counterprotests — is a historically bad strategy for countering violent demonstrations like the one that took place in Charlottesville.

Some critics, like BuzzFeed’s Anne Helen Petersen, shared greatest-hits lists of Tina Fey’s most forehead-slappingly tone-deaf moments — from iffy racial jokes on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to her choice to cast white actors as Afghans in her movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot to her 2015 declaration to stop “explaining” her jokes when waves of outrage like this one come crashing on her shores.

I’m not here to defend those examples. I agree with some of the criticisms people have made of her choices over the years, and I’m certainly not suggesting we give her the Wokest Celebrity of the Year award. But the outrage this bit has inspired feels to me way misplaced.

Look, Tina Fey is a comedian. She is not your elected representative. She may be more powerful than you or I, but she’s not the person who has the power to turn the Trump presidency around (by which of course I mean, BURN IT TO THE GROUND). Focus your anger on someone who can do something about this — like, say, every single member of Congress and the Senate. Tina Fey’s job is to be funny, and hopefully not shove her foot too far into her mouth while doing so, and on that front, she did a pretty good job last night.

The bit is funny. It speaks truth to power, particularly when Fey compares the “alt-right” marchers to the protesters at Standing Rock: “The next time when you see a bunch of white boys in polo shirts screaming about taking our country back and you want to scream, ‘It’s not our country, we stole it from the Native Americans, and when they have a peaceful protest at Standing Rock we shoot at them with rubber bullets, but we let you chinless turds march through the streets with semiautomatic weapons’ ” — this gets a big cheer from the studio audience — “Don’t yell it at the Klan, Colin. Yell it into the cake.”

On Vox, Caroline Framke wrote that “on the one hand, of course Fey and Weekend Update don’t want more people to get hurt. But on the other, ignoring white supremacists isn’t going to make them fade away.” I agree. But we’re not talking about, say, Chuck Schumer advising Democrats to stay home the next time the Klan descends on their town; we’re talking about, as my pal Jason Bailey tweeted, “a comic doing a bit about helplessness and despair.”

Do I think we should cede our streets to armed neo-Nazis and white supremacists and yell into a cake instead? No. But it’s not as if Fey is suggesting that counterprotesters are crybabies who need to calm down. Her point is not the same as newspaper and magazine articles arguing that if we all just settle down and quit being hysterical, the country and its institutions will somehow right themselves.

No, that’s not what this bit is about. It’s an expression of the exhaustion and grief that moves people to tweet about all the alcohol and burritos they plan to consume on a Friday night to relieve the stress of the news cycle. A lot of us have made those jokes; that doesn’t mean we don’t care about what’s happening, or that we wish everyone would just shut up about it already. Imagine what it might look like to take this anger over a comedian riffing on collective anxiety and direct it toward the people who are tasked with representing their constituents’ interests.

And for god’s sake, the woman ate half a sheet cake in under five minutes. Have some respect.


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Bronx Girl Who Doused Her Friend, 11, With Boiling Water Tries Suicide

Bronx Girl Who Doused Her Friend, 11, With Boiling Water Tries Suicide

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New York shooting: man shoots 2 police officers in the Melrose, Bronx, then kills himself – TomoNews

New York shooting: man shoots 2 police officers in the Melrose, Bronx, then kills himself – TomoNews

NEW YORK — Two New York Police Department officers were injured on Thursday night in the Bronx by an armed men who, after committing the crime, reportedly shot himself.

According to the New York Daily News, the two officers, together with a third, were conducting a routine vertical patrol at the Melrose Houses on East 156th Street near Courtlandt Avenue, where they encountered two men in a stairwell drinking beer.

They questioned the men and asked them for their IDs. One of the men, Malik Chavis, 23, went upstairs, ostensibly to get his.

Chavis, however, was armed with a .32 caliber handgun and in possession of a black bag with a sawed-off shotgun inside, the New York Daily News reported.

Before he reached the next landing, Chavis turned around fired at the officers. One of them was hit in the torso, the other in his cheek.

CNN reports that the man who was with Chavis fled the scene, while Chavis ran up to the seventh floor apartment of an acquaintance. There, he said: “I just shot a policewoman. I ain’t going back to jail,” the New York Daily News quoted officials as saying. Chavis reportedly then shot himself.

According to the New York Times, the man who was with Chavis was later detained by police.

The wounded officers were rushed to nearby Lincoln Hospital and are now in stable condition.

Chavis had 17 prior arrests and was released from prison in December of 2014 after doing time for attempted robbery.


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